The date of the long-awaited footwear collection from Cheryl Cole for Stylistpick has now been confirmed: 6th December is the date to put in your diaries if you're keen to get your feet into the first ever shoes from the star whose style is consistently coveted.

The collection is intended to be accessible to those who want to get Cheryl's glamorous look at a realistic price point, and the entire process from concept to design has been overseen by the star herself. We've already had a preview of what's going to be on offer, and were pleased to see a healthy mix of everyday shoes and boots alongside Cheryl's more familiar skyscraper heels.

In the latest installment of Stylistpick's Cheryl Cole video series, we see Cheryl checking out some of the first finished samples, fresh off the production line. It's getting exciting! To sign up to receive shoes from the collection, head over to Stylistpick.

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