princess-diana-shoes.jpgThe shoes worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day are being auctioned today along with dresses that once belonged to Amy Winehouse, Liz Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Pictured above, the satin brocade low-heeled courts are decorated with a loveheart motif, and embroidered with lace and pearls.

The items are all being sold for charity at the Passion for Fashion event, which last took place in March when Kate Middleton's legendary see-through catwalk dress sold for £78,000. Amy Winehouse's father Mitch appeared yesterday to present his daughters dress: the ruffled, strapless cocktail gown she wore on the cover of Back to Black.  It is expected to fetch at least £20,000, with proceeds going towards the Amy Winehouse foundation. Bidding starts at 2pm this afternoon.

[Image: GETTY]