I guess someone had to do it: the Underground for Ashish customisable creepers with their DIY Tip-Ex pen were sure to be a magnet for potty-mouths, and one such naughty scribbler is Rihanna! The star shocked and amused audience members on the X-Factor this weekend when she performed in a pair of the shoes on which she'd daubed the words "F*** Off!"

As prudish types called for tighter censorship on the prime-time family show, others simply felt themselves transported back to school, when getting in as many naughty words on our books, stationery and clothing was practically an Olympic sport: clearly one that Rihanna would have excelled in! The shoes are still available to buy at £120 from ASOS, so if you'd like to let your own imagination run wild with a Tip-Ex pen, there's still time.

We also had to approve of Rihanna's choice of dress: the McQ tartan number that has recently been spotted on the likes of Emma Watson and Cheryl Cole. There's more than a bit of schoolgirl chic going on there as well, so we have to applaud Rihanna for getting so fully into the sixth-form spirit!

If it's a look you love, all you really need is a pair of black bovver boots and a Tip-Ex pen. Creepers are available in most high street stores!