cheryl-cole-for-stylistpick.pngAre you ready to fall in love with Cheryl Cole's shoes? The long awaited footwear collection that we're told Cheryl definitely had something to do with has now landed over at Stylistpick, and you can browse and buy the pieces online. We've selected a few of the styles that stood out for us, above.

As previously indicated, the range includes not only the tall party styles we'd expect to see in Cheryl's wardrobe, but plenty of everyday-wearable flat boots and shoes. We're particularly charmed (and amused) by the 'Byker Groove' Mucky Puppy boot which retails at £119; one thing that surprised us a bit was how the majority of shoes in the collection fetch quite a lot more than the usual prices we'd expect to pay at Stylistpick, but the higher price may in part reflect the real leather and suede materials that run through it.

Interested? You can shop now over at Stylistpick (but you'll need to sign up for an account if you haven't done so already).