fairisle-tights.pngFairisle print has always been a winter staple, but never more so than now: we're seeing it on hats, scarves, gloves and even shoes (Irregular Choice we're looking at you!) for winter 2011/12, but by far the easiest way to wear this festive look is on your legs. Wearing it on leggings and tights also happens to be one of the cheaper ways to get the look, which makes those special few weeks when fairisle is so hot it hurts even more enjoyable!

We love the monochrome fairisle print tights pictured left for easy matching: they're by Pamela Mann and you can buy them for £8.98 with next-day delivery at Tightsplease. If you're a more daring dresser looking for full-on colour, check out the festive leggings pictured right, which are £10 at Rebel Rebel clothing. They'd look great worn under a long, cosy jumper - preferably with oversized pom-poms while sitting egg-nog in hand by the Christmas tree!