bally-ankle-boot.jpgStand by for sales, sales and more sales as the January deals kick in in earnest from tomorrow morning. Every shop will be slashing at least some of its items in price, and you'll be able to pick out pieces like these truly original-looking Bally ankle boots, which are down from £625 to £315. Still a hefty price tag we'll admit, but a definite bonus for anyone who's had their eyes on the style.

The perfectly spherical heels on these boots are what gives them an instant wow factor, but Bally's designers haven't stopped there: they've also added a luxuriant tassel that stretches all the way down to the toe. Gold accents finish off the style with a designer appeal, and we love that the boots are at once remarkable and eminently wearable. You can pick them up here along with several other reduced price items from Bally. Happy New Year and (perhaps more importantly), happy shopping!