lady-gaga-marry-the-night.pngIf you haven't already seen the video to Lady Gaga's Marry the Night we suggest you just go and watch it - but make sure you've got plenty of popcorn handy as the entire crazy spectacle takes almost a quarter of an hour to play out. You're unlikely to get bored along the way, however, particularly if you're into Gaga's unique approach to styling and utterly mind-bending footwear...

At the start of the film, as she's being wheeled into what appears to be an asylum, our heroine is wearing a pair of distinctly un-institutional white heels with delicate Mary Jane straps. But these soon give way to fetish ballet shoes and a pair of heel-less glitter platforms, which the singer wears while taking a bath. It's probably not what we'd do with them, but frankly we'd expect nothing less of LG.


The shoes worn in the bath sequence look an awful lot like Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk shoes, pictured above in a silvery glitter. If you're brave enough to make like Gaga and try a pair of your own, we've found the plain black version available to buy in the UK for £92, which isn't too bad when compared with most heel-less shoes we've seen from Alexander McQueen et. al. However, before you invest, you might want to check out one of the 'practice walk' videos that fans of the heel-less shoes have posted online. Here's one we watched earlier!

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