shoes-without-heels-giuseppe.jpgWe established long ago here on Shoewawa that shoes don't need a heel to be sexy. and here comes King of flamboyant footwear Giuseppe Zanotti with his own glorious variant on the trend. We can certainly see Lady Gaga working these (non) heels and would love to give their vertiginous beauty a go ourselves.

While these shoes are guaranteed to make jaws drop, their composition is deceptively simple. A clean silhouette with pale gold patent leather polished to perfection, they are completely fuss-free. The platforms are cleverly sculpted to create maximum impact while making walking possible even without the usual heel component, and we've heard rumours that these are actually quite comfortable. Oh to give them a try! Sadly they are a substantial £570 at Net-a-Porter so probably not quite the pre-NYE treat we're all looking for right now, so I think it's back to the January sales for us.