snow-boots.pngThe unmistakable smell of snow is in the air, while the hashtag #UKSnow is now trending on Twitter. Snow boots are a dream come true when it's freezing, and we've noticed a few great deals on 'moon boots' that will get you home and drey wherever you need to be.

Manta Ray have some good snow-going footwear on offer at the moment, and the best news is that it's being sold in Debenhams' epic ongoing sale.Their snowflake-print boots (pictured middle) are available for just £23 online.

Alternatively, you might like the sturdy-looking chocolate brown snow boots from Next (pictured top left). We like their oversized pom-poms and water-resistant shiny surface: if you're also a fan they are £24-28 (size dependent, hmm that's unusual!) here.

If you are looking to splash out a little more on some designer moonboots, check out the striking red calf-length boots pictured right from Tapeet by Vicini. You can buy them at Zalando for £290. You may also like Lacoste's ankle snowboots (bottom left) which are £114.