week's ugly shoe is an interesting one: we're just not remotely sure where Opening Ceremony's designers were going with it. 'Colour clash' is a key trend for autumn/winter 2012, but why would you seriously put ice grey and orange together? As my art teacher would have said, these are 'two colours that only a boy would put together'. It's a footwear equation that just doesn't compute!

The shape of the 'Estelle 1' shoe could be forgiven: it's not a style that everyone goes for but the flatform look is growing on us, and it can be made to look stylish and cool. Not with that ridiculous ribbon embellishment though - regardless of colour. And most of all, not for a three-figure price! The shoes were originally an eye-watering £350 but have since been reduced to £105; a decision we can only applaud! Let's hope that Opening Ceremony go back to doing what they do best very soon, and that we can expect to see more lovely styles like this and this!