Thumbnail image for wet-a-porter-wellies.jpgWe love a good pun here at Shoewawa, so we couldn't resist having a chuckle at these 'Wet a Porter' wellies over at Net-a-Porter. At £125 they'll cost you a little more than your average glasto-going boots, but we've got to admit it would be worth it for the sheer style kudos the slogan would afford us. Also, what's not to like about the beautifully-molded rubber - a flattering way to wear wellies thanks to its perfect contours.

True to form, Moschino Chic and Cheap has gone for a natty black and red combo for the boots, which are made with an ultra-shiny finish. The design is very much in keeping with current boot trends, as the soles are a bright contrasting red. These boots will be great for winter wear, but will last you right into the first April showers of the spring, and the summer festivals that come later.