united-nude-boots.pngOne of our surprise favourite styles of the year is by innovative footwear label United Nude, well known for its avant-garde styles and sustainable manufacturing techniques. The 'Crystallization' boot is perhaps the strongest style yet, designed in collaboration with Iris Van Herpen.

So what do we know about the wearer of the black-and-chain version of the boot shown in this picture? We know she has to be influential and rather well-off - the boots were hand-made in a limited run, sold only in the world's most exclusive boutiques. But who is she? Read on to find out...


It's Khloe Kardashian, whose sister Kim is already a known fan of United Nude along with sister Kim (did they do swapsies?) Solonge Knowles and Louise Roe. We're absolutely loving the look, particularly with those natty love-heart tights!