vivienne-westwood-molded-toe-shoes.pngAs far as we're aware, Vivienne Westwood is the only designer to successfully pull off this look, but it still isn't to everybody's tastes. 'Toes' on shoes have never really caught on, just as the trend for individual-toed socks only enjoyed brief popularity: there's just something a little 'eew' about it that we can't seem to get over.

But I think this style is worth a second look: I've seen it look absolutely amazing on certain stylish individuals of my acquaintance, and this silver metallic Mary Jane (£355 from the Gold Label range) is a really striking way to wear the look. Fashion is getting more experimental and avant-garde than it has been in many of our lifetimes, so perhaps now is the time to show your toes! What do you think of the 'animal toe' style?