Let's just take a moment to bask in the glory of these stunningly inventive 'invisible' shoes from avant-garde Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves. Hand-made in Italy, with laser-cut and mirrored facades, the shoes simply reflect whatever is going on around them, constantly changing their appearance as the wearer moves around her environment.

Chaves clearly sees every piece of footwear she creates as a work of art, and we can imagine Lady Gaga and other outragoues dressers flocking to pick up a pair of the crazy shoes. Earlier styles include her mind-boggling 'Form & Texture Shoe' and a 'Prism Shoe', based on origami. The young designer broke through to worldwide acclaim early in 2011, but we can't wait to see what exciting variations on what we know as 'shoes' she'll come up with in 2012. Now that fashion seems more ready and willing than ever to embrace mould-breaking style, this could just be her year.