louboutin-high-heels.pngGot a burning question about shoes, boots or anything else that goes on your feet? In Shoe Q&A, we'll be looking at the biggest footwear-related queries on your lips, dealing with a different reader's query each week. And this week, we start with a question that many Shoewawa readers have put to us over the years:

Question: are Louboutins comfortable?

Answer: In a word, no! Unless you're going to take advantage of his new-found love for slippers and kitten heels, you're going to have to suffer to wear iconic Christian Louboutin heels, as the shoes are simply not designed with comfort in mind. Let's face it: these shoes often have heels of four-and-a-half-inches or even higher, and there's only so much you can do to make that a comfortable height.

Furthermore, the main purpose of a Louboutin shoe is to stretch the calf muscles of the leg, making it appear as long as possible. In the designer's own words his shoes are intended to "make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as [he] can." He really doesn't have a great deal to say about practicality! Several of his styles including the Rolando are notorious for being murder on the feet.

This sad truth contradicts the belief that many of us have, i.e. the more you spend on a pair of shoes, the more wearable they will be. In high street terms, that generally holds true: pay more, and you'll get leather, pay less and you may not: leather is generally easier on the feet and the slightly more expensive brands will also tend to put more into the design process, ensuring shoes are wearable as well as great-looking. But at designer level, anything goes and if a shoe guru wants his model customer to walk around on tiptoes, that's the deal. 

So if you really want to join the elite Christian Louboutin club and get good wear out of these incredible shoes, what can you do to lessen the pain? Read on for some tips...


Buy boots rather than shoes. Ankle support will make any pair of high heels easier to walk in, so why not go for one of the many amazing ankle boot styles that Christian Louboutin has to offer? Many work just as well with evening dresses as the pumps do, and you'll be far less likely to take a tumble while wearing them.

Go for a chunkier heel. Christian Louboutin is best loved for his slender heels, but he's also made some ultra-high styles with sturdier stems that are every bit as gorgeous. You'll be paying £400 or more for these shoes, so why not pick a slightly chunkier heel that still shows off the distinctive red sole and get more wear from them?

Prep your feet. You can work magic with gel pads, blister plasters and other types of 'foot underwear' when preparing to go out in ultra-high heels, so make sure you cover up the vulnerable areas on your feet with good quality padding. Compeed blister plasters are a particularly great preventative: they are not much thicker than your tights, and virtually invisible.