tall-girls-in-high-heels.jpgReader Laura asked us today: Can tall girls get away with wearing high heels?

Laura added: "I love high heeled shoes: owning a pair of Christian Louboutins would be my dream, but I'm quite tall at 5"9 and would worry about looking like I'm walking on stilts. Should I give up my dream and start saving for a flat pair?"

Here at Shoewawa we're wary of telling people what they "should" wear: after all, we feature everything on the site from comfy TOMS flatties to death-defying, Lady Gaga-style claw shoes! But this is a question a lot of readers ask, and it's a fair one: how do you enjoy the most exciting footwear out there if you've already got plenty of height?

the key word in this answer is 'confidence' as wearing shoes that make you look taller is always going to be a daring feat when you're above-average height. While shorter women will pull on a pair of heels to boost their self-esteem, their taller friends will often do the opposite, as Hannah Freeman, of HighFashionHannah, who is 5"11, agrees:

'I love high heels and if I'm feeling confident, I'll wear them: it's all about mood. However most of the time I don't want to draw attention to my height, so I wear flat shoes. A lot of people comment in the street if you're tall, and you tend to get it from friends, too. This puts a lot of taller women off wearing heels."

I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell's high shoes and boots and keep meaning to buy a pair, but every time I decide it isn't worth it as I won't get enough wear out of them: however in some situations it doesn't matter: out at clubs or fashion events it's great to be able to wear tall styles and be accepted. I think it's great when tall women do have the confidence to wear heels, and I just want to give them a high five when I see them in the street!"

Amy Yam, of the blog Fashionably Large Shoes makes some excellent points on the subject of tall women in high heels here. Amy, herself a taller lady, says we need to get over the obsession with high heels being all about looking taller: for her, it's all about creating the right shapes and lines to look great in clothes:

"wearing high heels is more to do with style than trying to gain extra height. Sure, a lot of short people do try to elongate their frames and gain some extra inches (See? They want to be tall just like you!), but tall women don't necessarily wear heels for the same reasons".

"If you're already six-foot-plus you may not be trying to make yourself taller, but that doesn't mean you don't want your body and outfit to have nice lines, or maybe you just want to indulge in that hot stiletto pump you spotted online. And there's nothing wrong with that".

Plenty of celebrities who are unusually tall wear high heels in public all the time: apart from almost any model you could care to name, Cameron Diaz who's 5"9 usually adds an extra 3 or 4 inches, as does Nicole Kidman, who is 5' 10½ and loves wearing Louboutin heels.


Finally, remember that everyone struggles with some shoe styles, and there will always be styles that don't suit you: I love my heels and plaforms because I'm a pint-sized 5"1 and feel nervous in flatties - but I also have wide feet which rules out about a third of the pointed shoes out there and D'Orsay's are out of the question!

A friend of a similar height hates heels, and has to buy short-length clothes or alter her skirts to accommodate her love of flats - so we all have trouble finding suitable footwear: it's just a case of having as much fun trying on as many pairs of shoes as possible before you know exactly what will work for you! The great thing to remember is that there are more amazing shoes of all heights than ever before. 

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