Fred Perry shoes, often inspired by their contemporary clothing line, are a Masterclass in Cool. If you've got your tootsies in a pair of these, you are certain to look the part! But who/what/where are Fred Perry shoes?

Rewind: Fred Perry is the first British heritage brand to successfully blend sportswear with streetwear to create some of the most iconic styles (we all recognise the tipped pique shirt a mile off!) of the last century. And Fred Perry as a brand pride themselves on having stayed true to their ethos of authenticity, integrity and attitude to the current day.

Born in the late 1940s, when former Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner approached three times Wimbledon champ Fred Perry with the idea, the fashion giant has grown to huge proportions and now boasts shops and customers across 50 countries. Enthused with Wegner's concept, the two collaborated and embarked on their very first venture: the sweatband. The anti-perspirant device was quickly adopted by tennis players, male and female, batting across the courts of Britain and is now a staple to any players' ensemble. Further along the line came a a whole range of Fred Perry clothing for both men and women, all with the renowned Laurel Wreath embroidery, synonymous with underground fashion and 'British cool.' The womens' shoe collection has been a particular hit, consisting primarily of light-weight, madras-type daps in a range of apricot, dark blue and white hues. The chequered and leaf prints on a number of the creations ensure a key feminine touch.

Interestingly, and unlike a lot of other brands out there, Fred Perry, and Fred Perry shoes in particular, has been associated with a whole series of (albeit not so pleasant) subcultures driven by musical affinities. We're talking mainly Mods, skinheads, suedeheads, soul boys, rude get my drift. Nowadays, the Laurel Wreath (based on the original Wimbledon symbol) logo is recognisable worldwide. So ladies, whether you're after a pair of Aubrey canvas Fred Perry pumps or a pair of melo woven trainers, you can find all your Fred Perry shoes for women online. If you fancy emulating the Amy Winehouse look, for instance, without splashing out, check online or in-store for a Fred Perry shoes sale and make them yours!