giuseppe-zanotti-spring-2012.jpgGiuseppe Zanotti's gloriously heel-free wedge sandal amazed us enough when it was first released in plain, metallic leather. But now we've seen this embellished version in pale blue, emotions are just going into overdrive. Just check out the tiny little sparkly gems! It's a little bit Versace and unashamedly bling-bling, but when you're already walking on your tiptoes in a pair of shoes that appear to defy gravity you can probably afford to show off.

The gems are set on to a brushed suede in that beautiful blue we'll soon be seeing on designer and high street footwear everywhere. We love the rainbow of colours, and the careful arrangement like waves up the back of the strap. The look is completed by a pale pastel pink buckle, in the season's other favourite colour: plaster pink!