couture-fashion-week-iris-van-herpen.pngFans of truly bizarre footwear will love the couture collection displayed in Paris this week by Iris Van Herpen. The name behind the iconic Crystallization boot for United Nude, Van Herpen let rip with her own style at the runway show, which was a horror-tinged futuristic event where models wore strange, organic-looking alien forms. The shoes were lined up for intrigued passers-by to inspect prior to the show.

Once again, we're seeing a clear influence from Alexander McQueen's Armadillo boots, with short booties toughend-up by claw-like formations and sci-fi materials. Van Herpen's almost looked alive, with strange tentacle-like 'soles' that held the boots aloft. They appeared in a variety of colours from monochromes to berry reds and greens, and were the perfect finish to the strange shapes on the runway. 

[Image: GETTY]