polka-dot-peep-toes.jpgIt's coming, folks: spring/summer buying season is about to burst on to the now-very-scruffy post sale shop shelves, and with it we can expect to see all manner of perky and jolly summery fare. We've given up on ever saying 'toodle pip' to the nautical trend, so here once again is a cute shoe that would not look out of place on Olive Oyl. And on a cold January day like today, this is like a breath of fresh sea air!

Available now for £40 at Dorothy Perkins, the navy polka-dot peep toe platforms may well be our first true 'summer' purchase, even if that does mean putting it away at the back of the cupboard for a few months until the first heatwave of the year inevitably occurs. We can see it as a reminder of what's to come: like watching for daffodils or the first blossom on the trees. Doesn't it make you feel shiny?