jeffrey-campbell-shoes-without-heels.pngShoes without heels have now well and truly entered the high street, and you can now by several of Jeffrey Campbell's most daring styles in Office. His legendary Night Walk shoes are now available to buy at the chain for £125 a pair, but we've also spotted this interesting variant that looks like it'll be a big hit for avant-garde dressers this summer: meet Stra8 Up.

Made from a solid wooden block, sculpted to perfection and set off by daring red suede, the shoes will positively sizzle with summer day and evening wear alike. They're an Office exclusive, available to buy no for £120 here. Having now tried a pair of terrifying heel-free shoes I am itching to get my feet into this newer style as soon as possible - with a small amount of practice you'll be happily striding all over town in these awesome shoes.