jeffrey-campbell-lita-pastel.pngYou've loved Jeffrey Campbell's Lita boots in black, denim, cat-print and almost every other imaginable style, and have probably bankrupted yourself in the process. What are you going to do now that pastels are the order of the day? One solution is to cheat and buy a pair that look an awful lot like the originals but are a fair bit cheaper: these boots in four lovely spring-like shades are available now for £40 at Misguided.

Don't be fooled: they are not the real deal. But they are a fun alternative if you're feeling the pinch. We're torn between the sky blue and lime tones at the moment, but we're sure the pink and yellow will also fly off the shelves for creating candy-coloured outfits this spring. The attention to detail isn't bad here for a £40 pair of shoes, with good shaping of the toe section and colour-matching thick laces.