jeffrey-campbell-night-walk.pngJeffrey Campbell's Night Watch shoe as worn by Lady Gaga et. al. isn't the first style that springs to mind when you hear the words 'Mary Jane Shoe' but in actual fact they're a classic example of the style: albeit without the more standard element of a heel! The strap across the front is a give-away, and we suspect that if it wasn't for its inclusion, this shoe would be completely impossible to wear.

They're tricky enough as it is: as we reported last year, there is already a video doing the rounds on how to walk in Jeffrey Campbell Night Watch shoes. But looking at these two new editions of the iconic style, it's easy to see why they're well worth the trouble! The chequered black and white version on the left is super super cool and eye-catching, while the midnight blue sheen is seriously hot. Both are available along with a host of other new versions of Night Watch from Solestruck at $169,95 (approx £108). They're not currently available anywhere directly in the UK that we're aware of, but Solestruck do ship to our shores.