kurt-geiger-new-collection.pngKurt Geiger has just released a lot of new shoe goodness on to its website and shop shelves, and one style that's screaming out 'buy us!' already is this stud-covered sandal called 'gripping'. It's available in tomato red or gunmetal grey, and either shade is just fine with us.You can find it here, with a price tag of £135. It has that killer combination of being highly wearable and high fashion, working well for evening or day wear. 

The gunmetal grey would look incredible if you've got a monochrome-heavy wardrobe with lot of rock chic leanings, or even worn with a plain black fitted dress for some interest in the office. The red is just supreme eye-candy, perfect for those who like to make an entrance. Both would work with hosiery so even though these are a spring summer product, you won't be having to stash them away in mothballs for months before their first airing.