Jantaminiau.pngHaute Couture Fashion Week is always an event to arouse the senses, and this morning we've just been marveling at the groundbreaking costumes on display. We had an extra special surprise from Jantaminiau last night, however, who had cooked up something really rather special in the footwear department: just look at these incredible sequinned claw heels.

Tongues have already been wagging a little over how the Dutch designer shows a clear influence by Alexander McQueen, but we say bring it on: these shoes may be a homage, but they are exactly the sort of design artistry want to see on the Paris runway this week. Covered in sequins and appearing to defy gravity, the boots looked terrifyingly distorted from the side, and created an illusion of extreme leg-lengthening viewed from the back and front:


It was an impressive feat of balance and grace on the part of the models, all of whom stayed afloat throughout the show. However, we learned afterwards that the towering, ten-inch-tall booties had led to THREE drop-outs from models prior to the show, who were too afraid to walk the runway in such massive heels. We can hardly say we blame them...

[Images by GETTY]