rihanna-clarks-tweet.pngRihanna in a typical raunchy pose - and some styles from the current Clarks collection we think she might like...

Rihanna isn't best known for wearing the sensible, stylish-yet-eminently-practical type of footwear you'd expect to find on offer at Clarks. In fact, we're more used to the singer wearing fetish-tastic cut-out thigh boots, or using her footwear to get in surreptitious swears on telly. So imagine our surprise when we saw Rihanna proclaiming her love for Clarks on Twitter the other day!

"'Clarke's me prefer... Clarke's for de summer, Clarke's for de winter! Clarke's for the sun, Clarke's for de water!!! #Barbados ," read Rihanna's tweet on Jan 16.

Fascinated to find out what had prompted the outburst, we did a little detective work and found the reason was the singer's need for more comfortable shoes while touring - performing mostly in sky-high heels. The tweet was sent right at the end of her residency at the 02, where she has completed 98 gigs in six months.

A source interviewed by the Sun newspaper said: "Rihanna returned home with a stash of sensible shoes from Clarks. She's been wearing towering heels throughout her Loud tour which has taken its toll on her feet. She's been suffering all sorts of aches and pains so she's going easy on her feet while she's off. She loves Clarks so she thought she'd treat her family to a pair each."

Pictured above, Coniston Water suede wedge boot, £64.99 here
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