wedding rollasole.jpgWeddings are a bad combination of dressing up and lots of standing around/dancing, so unless you have the stamina of a saint, odds are you're going to want to whip off your party shoes after a few hours and slip into something more comfortable. That's why we love this idea from Rollasole: a box packed full of flat folding shoes for your wedding guests to show you appreciate their well-dressed patience! They also make a thoughtful and unusual wedding favour that they can take away with them and use again and again.

A full box contains 24 bespoke shoes in small, medium and large sizes with elasticated backs: it's available to buy here for £112. Each pair of shoes is individually rolled, and comes ready packed in its own presentation dust-bag. This is great for your guests, as they can simply swap their hurty heels for the folding shoes and pop their own shoes in the bag for safekeeping. What a genius idea! And yes, the shoes themselves are lovely to look at, made from a gold toned fabric with a dainty bow at the front:

Wedding Rolla above.jpg

We've even heard that a shipment of the shoes was sent to the wedding of former Doctor Who star David Tennant when he married Georgia Moffett in the New Year. So if they're good enough for Mrs Who, they'll surely pass muster at any wedding!