thigh-high-boots.pngThis year's January sales truly are the New Year's gift that keeps on giving, and today's treat is from Topshop, who've astonished us by reducing the price of these stunning thigh-high boots from £76 to just £20. The 'Bunny2' style is a whole lot of shoe for your dollar, and there are plenty of sizes still left to snap up, too. Elasticated panels around the top of the boots make them ideal for wearers in a range of sizes and the slightly slouchy leather means they don't have to be 'skin tight'.

We can only assume that too many of Britain's women are too shy to make like Catwoman and work the thigh-high look, because these would be a great addition to any stylish 2012 winter wardrobe. So don't be shy: try out a pair at this very reasonable price and we don't think you'll regret it. Rumour has it that one of the Aigua Editorial team has already put in an order, and will be debuting them on the site when they arrive. We can't wait!