This week, Jess sent in a problem for the Shoewawa team to solve. This one involves a pair of fabulous Alexander McQueen shoes (pictured above), so we're feeling a heavy burden of responsibility to find the right solution! Her question was:

I bought a gorgeous pair of McQueen courts, but they're too big for me. Is there anything I can do to make them fit?

Jess has unfortunately fallen foul of a problem that's increasingly common with the rise of internet shopping. It's almost impossible to know if a pair of shoes will fit comfortably without trying them out, and in this case she was unlucky in that the shoes ran a little large for her usual size.

When buying designer from legitimate retailers, there is almost always the option of sending the shoes back if you're unhappy with the fit. In this case, Jess felt that a smaller size would be too much the other way, but loved the shoes and wanted to keep hold of them if at all possible. Here's our best advice for making shoes that are too big fit.

  • Gel insoles can work wonders. There are adhesive pads in all shapes and sizes, so your first step should be to find the ones that will fill out whichever part of the shoe feels the most 'gappy'. It will often be the back of the heel, or sometimes around the toe.
  • Try out as many gel pads as it takes to get the shoes fitting snugly. Once you have the perfect fit, a more permanent solution is using superglue to fix them in place. This may feel drastic on your super expensive shoes, but we haven't had a failure with this method yet.
  • If the main 'gapping' occurs in the space above the foot but your toes reach the bottom, you can try using arch support technology. Arch supports can be bought for around £10-15 and effectively pull up your feet, comfortably, inside the shoe.
  • Emergency measures include stuffing the shoe with cotton wool or tissue paper, or wearing thicker socks or tights with the shoes. But we wouldn't recommend either as long-term solutions, especially with evening shoes that demand sheer hosiery!

We hope that these tips will be helpful to Jess, and that we'll be seeing the fabulous McQueen heels in action in the office very soon!