tracey-neuls-shoes.JPGWe're big fans of Tracey Neuls' innovative footwear design here on Shoewawa, and have kept an eye on her work whenever it's appeared on our radar at shows and in specialist boutiques. Now, we've got an insight into what the designer is planning on doing next, as she answers some of our questions on upcoming shoe style.

What can we expect next season's key shoes/trends to be?
Pending economic times mean a leaner wardrobe. There is no better way to spice up old garments than with new shoes - especially those that are not high street. Our shoes are the foundation for a confident outfit.

Who are you most inspired by?
I think Rei Kawakubo, Designer for Comme des Garcon is so ballsy. Blending sculpture, originality and fashion all into a timeless package is no mean feat.

Who in your mind is a Tracey Neuls person, who best would represent the brand?
Our customer is without age boundaries. We have mother and daughters who shop together. Our shoes are for confident, individuals who want timeless footwear that only gets better with age.

How do you constantly evolve your design and create new styles?

Challenging the norm is when I am most comfortable. My curiousity is what keeps me producing new designs. Creation is not the hard part!

London is a creative melting pot right now, why is that do you think?

There is someone for everyone in London.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?
Shhh, we are planning to expand into mens shoes.

What's next for Tracey Neuls - as a brand/business and person?
My work is timeless and I hope to continue on this route providing people with original, comfortable footwear.