ruby-slipper-socks.jpgWe're not usually big on gimmicks here at Shoewawa, but when you know you can raise a smile with something as inexpensive and useful as a pair of socks, it's got to be worth a go. These Ruby Slipper Socks are only available to order from the US Amazon site as far as we're aware, but it's a great idea and one we can see catching on elsewhere. Can't afford a pair of Louboutins? How about a red-soled pair of socks with the designer's signature across the bottom? Too skint for pilgrim pumps? We reckon the buckle effect could be very easily rendered in cotton.

The socks are the perfect ruby red for their role, and feature a white bow-effect at the toe with authentic blue-sky coloured Dorothy 'socks' at the top. They have a non-skid slipper sock tread at the bottom for effortless slobbing around the house in style.