aldo-perfume.pngMost of the bigger fashion houses have released fragrances now, and a few of our favourite footwear labels have recently followed suit, most notably Jimmy Choo. Now it's the turn of the high street to bring out scents to wear with your shoes, and the latest to reach Shoewawa towers is A is for ALDO from the footwear and accessory chain.

In fact, it's gone further than that and released three different scents for women, and two for men. Each scent is geared towards a different personality type, and there is a fun quiz on Aldo's Facebook page that works out the scent most suited to your character for you. The Shoewawa team chose A is for ALDO yellow shown here in the centre, and wore it for a day to test it out. Its character type is 'chic, playful and alluring', and we're certainly not going to argue with that!

The verdict: Shoewawa Ed. Abi says: this is a fragrance I'd definitely wear regularly, as it's (as predicted by the test!) made up of the sort of scent notes I tend to prefer: citrussy (from the Neroli, my all-time favourite fragrance oil) and white floral notes sit lightly on the skin with a subtle banana undertone and soft powdery finish. It's an easy-wearing sort of scent I can imagine reaching for again in the summer.

If that sounds like a good scent match for you, you can pick up A is for ALDO Yellow for £35 at their retail site. Or, you might want to try out their game to find which of the other two scents suits you better! Check out the video below to see how it works: