shoe-storage-ideas.pngWhere do you keep your shoes? I'm guessing that most people will answer this question with 'in my wardrobe', 'under my wardrobe', 'in a heap in the hall' or 'anywhere I can'! Most homes were not designed with the modern-day shoe obsession in mind, so keeping footwear at bay can be a tricky business - especially if you like to keep your shoes on display to admire at all times...

We've scoured the internet to find the best ways to store shoes, and have presented our findings in our stylish shoe storage gallery: check it out here! 

They include this quite breathtakingly beautiful shelving system blogged over at The Modern Glam Project. What more inspiration to get going on your spring cleaning and home improvement could you possibly need!?

Shoe wheel: buy one for £69.95 at Tszuji

Small wooden shoe rail: a re-purposed solution, perhaps made from re-purposed garden shelving.

Multi wall-mounted shoe rail: an idea from Martha Stewart, several 'dado rail' fittings are attached to the wall to create a place to hang shoes.

Plain shoe boxes with pretty DIY labels, each with a photo to illustrate what's in the box. A great budget solution for those who can't afford...

Bespoke shoe storage as in this amazingly intricate shelving system, clearly made to order! Swish.

Painted crates make amazing wall-mounted shoe storage for the eccentric home: found via Be Different, Act Normal.

Wicker baskets used as shoe storage, one of the easiest solutions out there. Pic found via Haute Indoor Couture.

IKEA shoe storage cabinet from the Hemnes range; available for £99 here. Holds 'a minimum' of 12 pairs of shoes.

Beautiful bespoke shoe storage blogged at The Modern Glam Project. If you can afford Louboutins, you can afford to store them in style! 

Square shelves are one of the hottest things in interior decor right now, and these ones are a simple and affordable set from IKEA that will transform your spare room to the realm of a serious shoe lover!

Shoephoria: this amazing shoe room belongs to Ann of the Shoephoric blog. The rest of her shoes are in the family closet. The rest?? That's not all of them? Wow!