flatform-sandals.jpgWe ran a Yay or Nay about flatform shoes when they first became a 'thing' early in 2011, and were not at all surprised when the majority of readers said they hated them. They're not an easy style to love, it has to be said! But the Voice of Fashion has spoken, Chanel has gone mental for them, and we've all been told to brace ourselves for an influx of the high/flat styles, which will be making a big impact on footwear fashion this summer.

One label that's already embraced the look is Marni, which has released these leather and striped flatform sandals early, in time for the pre-spring 'cruise' season. They're clearly betting one someone liking them, as they are a lot more than your average flipfop at £430, Net-a-Porter. We're doing our best here to see the style through fresh eyes...but what do you think? Will flatforms be forever consigned to the realm of the 'ugly shoe' for you or are you prepared to embrace innovation and wear the look with pride? Take another look at this pair and let us know what you think.