Thumbnail image for brit-awards-shoes.pngThe Brits supplied some stellar celebrity fashion last night, from Rihanna's dramatic casual-to-couture costume change to Kylie in stunning blue YSL. If you'd like to admire the gowns a little longer you can check them out in this gallery from our sister site Catwalk Queen, but for now, we're going to focus on the footwear. Specifically, these rather amazing mesh heels. We suspect that they are a pair of Jimmy Choos, but no confirmation on that as yet. What we do know for sure is they are sheer red carpet dynamite.

But do you know who their owner is? The only clue we're going to give you this time is that she's yet another star with a celebrity foot tattoo. She attended the event yesterday, but we're not going to reveal whether she was punter or performer on this particular night. Who do you think she might be?


It's Fearne Cotton. Congrats if you recognised the tatt!