whooga-ugg-boots.pngLike many people, I have to admit that I thought I'd "got away" with not quite completing my winter wardrobe this year, and was already planning my summer shoe purchases when the season properly hit: we'd had an unusually mild autumn and Christmas, so being a forward-looking fashion bod I figured that February was practically spring...

This delusion lasted about a week before it all went a bit Siberian, and I started to wish I'd stocked up on warm boots instead of party season sandals back in November. So I was extremely grateful for the revelation that came to me last week in the form of a cosy sheepskin boot called 'Whooga'.

The boots, which come in a compact range of classic and ankle styles are straight-foward, no messing around Ugg-style boots but without the Ugg-style price; made from genuine twin faced merino sheepskin for that extra warmth you can't imitate, they are perfect for cold days and come in a range of fun and stylish colours, too. In fact, they'll retain warmth in temperatures of -30C / -22F, and are said to be the warmest Ugg boots available! Best of all, they are available at a great price at the moment.


You can get 40% off the original price of Whooga boots on the site which makes a pair of the classic tall boots pictured above a very reasonable £89 rather than £135. The boots will be whizzed over to you super quickly too, as they are currently offering a free upgrade to 1-2 day delivery, which normally comes at a cost. 

Check out the full range of Whooga Ugg Boots here.