wedge-boots-wings.pngLooking for something a little different? We were alerted to these amazing specimens over on Ebay earlier today by footwear blogger In These Heels who brought her fantastic find on to Twitter. We have no idea who made the boots (which are also available in black with the same animal print decoration) but they are an absolute steal at just £22.99 and at  that price it would almost be rude not to - even if you are only planning to wear them once or twice for effect!

I can imagine wearing these boots of beauty far more frequently than that, however, as they'd look great as part of a laid back rock-chic style outfit or with bare legs and a shapeless top. I think they could maybe lose the leopard and still be utterly fab, but for such a bargain who's complaining? The wings just take them to another level of interest from what you'll get in your average pair of wedges.