winged-shoes.pngWe like shoes with wings on at the moment, it would seem. After a reader spotted these amazing winged boots on eBay, we've had loads of queries on where to find similar styles and I thought I'd start with these lovely platform high sandals at Topshop's Unique section. Available in white or black, they are real leather and available here for £110. We've pictured them from the back to make sure we show off their best asset to full effect!

But it's not just the wings that are getting our hearts all a-flutter: check out those wonderfully shiny gold heels too. They slope beautifully towards that platform element at the front, giving a real 70s glamourpuss look that's going to be hard to resist next season. The front part of the shoes are held on with wide straps, each providing a nice bit of breeze for your hot summer feet. What a delightful new style to find on the high street - let's get light on our feet!