neon-shoes.jpgIt was only a matter of time before the neon trims and fluoro colours appearing on the S/S 2012 catwalks filtered through to the high street, and now we're seeing an explosion of luminous style all over the shop shelves. If you want to go truly budget, you might want to start with these black and yellow wedge boots which are just £19.99 at H&M. They're a bold statement to start the year in that's for sure - but they do channel some of the hottest styles we've seen at Bottega Veneta and elsewhere.

Made from wetsuit material for extra streamlined appeal, these peep-toe wedges are working the sport-luxe look as hard as it's possible for a twenty pound pair of shoes to do. We'd want to keep it simple when incorporating them into a look, perhaps wearing them as the finishing touch to an all-black outfit with a matching neon belt, jacket trim or watch. Just whatever you do, don't attempt to clash this with other neons!