lita-spike.jpgJeffrey Campbell's legendary Lita boots come in so many different flavours now that it's hard to know which one to pick! The stacked boots look amazing in all colours and textures, from basic buff suede to tapestry cat pattern print. The shape of the boot is it's real strength, but dressed up in the right way it can look simply stunning.

We've collected together a few of our favourite Lita boots to show the incredible range of this popular style, dubbed the 'fashion blogger boots'. Let us know if you've seen any other styles out there that get your pulse racing, as the brand is introducing new editions all the time to keep up with current trends. This season alone we've seen neons and ice cream colours emerge out of the ashes of last year's darker, more fetish driven trends, so who knows what's next for the label that seems unable to put a foot wrong?