We're now into day three of London Fashion Week, and as ever, we've been every bit as mesmerised by the footwear on display outside the BFC Tent as we have by those inside it. The crowds congregating outside Somerset House have once again braved the cobblestones and brought out their favourite shoes - from unapologetically brutal flatform creations to dainty, pointy-heeled skyscraper shoes.

Because this is London where 'anything goes', visitors to LFW can get away with wearing unnown brands and high street pieces even at the biggest fashion event in the calendar, without a snobby eyebrow being raised. This is one thing we love about taking street style pics: on individuals with true style it's often impossible to predict whether the eye-catching shoes they're wearing are from Prada or Primark. This gallery is a good case in point, as we have pieces in our databank from ASOS to Zanotti. See if you can guess which is which before looking at the titles!

All images (c) Hannah Freeman