After a very rainy start to the weekend on Saturday, London's fashion crowd were relieved of a drier forecast on Sunday, allowing them to bring their most treasured footwear possessions along to the shows. Where on Saturday we'd spotted a lot more boots and dark-coloured shoes, Sunday brought much more in the way of light and brightly hued pieces, including the absolutely amazing neon and tan Sergio Rossi shoes pictured here.

There are a huge amount of brands represented here, from Prada and Miu Miu at the high end and Zara, Office and Topshop on the high street end. What really struck us was not the shoes themselves so much as the interesting and inventive way that those photographed chose to wear them: sparkling £400 sandals were worn with slouchy socks, jelly shoes were worn with pretty nailpolish in the depths of February and thick tights were worn with almost anything. If we've learned anything from these stylish ladies it's that experimentation is key if you want to stand out at an event like LFW.

Click the image above to see all of our favourite LFW guests from Sunday 19th Feb. All images are (c) Hannah Freeman