david-koma-lfw.pngGeorgian designer David Koma was a big draw at London Fashion Week this year, showcasing some truly exceptional garments with both 1920s elegance and a futuristic feel. You can read the full write-up of the show here, but our team were delighted to be granted backstage access before the show began where we got a close-up look at what we really wanted to see more of: the shoes!

Rumour had it that Koma was experimenting with some of the most exciting footwear out there this year, and we weren't disappointed when we went to see for ourselves! The shoes, which are made in collaboration with Alain Quilici included pointed mesh booties with some strange, almost alien-looking detailing at the back. These and similar styles were worn by all of the models, who had the chance to practice walking around in the oddly-shaped wedges for a while before going out to face the crowd. 


From the front, both the shoes and the boots were quite respectable: beautifully shaped and pointed but otherwise unremarkable. Seen from behind, however, there was a whole lot more going on!

davidkoma.pngThe back sections were made from a variety of materials and came in different colours: some blending in with the main body of the shoe, others contrasting with it like these metallic heels that look like they're made from molten lava. Others came in bright blue or white.

All of the footwear used in David Koma's show was made in collaboration with Alain Quilici: you can see some more of his footwear here.