meryl-streep-bafta.pngActress Meryl Streep, who starred in The Iron Lady gained the coveted Best Actress award for the Margaret Thatcher biopic, but lost one of her high-heeled shoes in the process. The actress was en route to the podium when the mishap occurred, losing the black high-heeled pump in her haste to make her acceptance speech.

Fortunately for Streep, Colin Firth, ever the chivalrous Mr. Darcy was just leaving the stage having collected his own award for Best Actor. He didn't waste a moment in scooping up the shoe and presenting it to Streep, prompting host Stephen Fry to quip: "Prince Charming tried the slipper on and it fitted Cinderella at once. What a happy ending." The embarrassed actress rounded off the interlude by saying "that couldn't have gone worse!"

So, is this further evidence that far too many celebrities are borrowing the wrong sized shoes to wear at events? Looking at these two images, it certainly seems that a lot of these ladies are slipping into sample size sevens that may just be a little on the large size...