Modeldown (or "spillage" as it's known in the industry) is a bit of an occupational hazard during fashion week. The high stress environment coupled with some of the craziest footwear creations known to mankind makes model falls a fact of life, and most of the time the models are great at getting back on their feet and shrugging it off.

In some cases, such as Agyness Deyn's famous 2010 tumble at Burberry, the girls literally take matters into their own hands and remove the offending footwear, while others need a little bit of help - like Karen Elson in 2008, who had to be assisted by P Diddy who just happened to be in the audience. But there's no denying that a catwalk show is the best way to put shoes through their paces, and if practiced models can't wear a style then frankly, who can?