derek-lam-shoes.pngNew York Fashion Week continues, and as ever we've got our eyes on seeking out the hottest footwear from all the shows. Runway footwear can be a simple vehicle to get the models from A to B without any embarrassing tumbles, or it can be the main event, dominating the entire show. In the case of Derek Lam's Fall 2012 collection it was neither: the shoes simply looked divine, working well alongside the clothes and looking great in their own right.


Every pair was a delight in its own way, and while all were different there was a theme of quirky elegance running through all of the footwear on show. We particularly liked the emphasis on gold, black and tawny brown, as used in three gorgeous different ways in the shoes pictured above: the flatties were made from some of the loveliest leather we've seen, while the pointed boots were full of elegance and character. Finally, the floral prints on the white versions of the pointed shoes brought a welcome lightness to the show.