donna-karan-NYFW.pngAs New York's hottest fashion event of the season continues, we drop in on a home-grown talent at the shows: Donna Karan. The shoes were definitely worth talking about: tough, sharp-looking boots with slender heels and plenty of tight lacing. The detailing on both of the shoes above had more than a smattering of superhero-chic about it, and we couldn't help being reminded a little bit of Spiderman! 

The shoes carried the outfits down the runway with style and panache, and were a great accompanying feature to the designer's oversized suits, bustier jackets and one of our most-loved features from the season so far: mini Fedora hats. This was a very grown-up and serious collection, and the footwear certainly meant business too. The only accessory we were surprised not to see represented in the show was briefcases, although there were some exceptionally stylish doctor's-style bags.