marc-jacobs-fall-2012.jpgEverything in Marc Jacobs' fall 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week was larger than life: the oversized hats, the giant-scale knits and the huge buckles on the shoes. Giving the appearance of old-fashioned Pilgrim shoes the footwear on display was extraordinarily colourful and decorative. Check out the detailing on the black and red shoe above, with its miniature flowers and crystal-embellished bow.

Variations on the theme included shoes with triple buckles and made from metallic leather with an arresting foily sheen:


We're not sure this is a style that's going to translate directly into our wardrobes (or, at least, we're not sure it ever should!) but it finished off the showmanship of the runway presentation perfectly, and we love the little details here: the rhinestones, the colourful heels, the cheeky exaggerated styling. It's Marc Jacobs at his best, and we're delighted to see him pull off another great collection in New York.