meryl_streep_shoes.pngLike many of the ladies at the Oscars, Meryl Streep opted to wear shoes that perfectly matched the colour of her dress at the awards last night. But we're going to let her off the hook (after all, she did win Best Actress) because there's a story behind her choice of footwear, and it fits neatly into the role that won her the gong.

The shoes are by Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo, which were a favourite of Margaret Thatcher, whom Streep portrayed in the film The Iron Lady; the film that won her the Oscar. "Ferragamo was Margaret Thatcher's favourite shoe designer, she wore them all the time", Streep told reporters on the red carpet.

The shoes are certainly a fantastic fit for her gold gown, which was an eco-friendly number made by Livia, wife of actor Colin Firth. That last detail will certainly amuse those still chuckling at Streep's recent encounter with the film star and heart-throb, when she lost a shoe en route to collect a BAFTA. Perhaps they swapped numbers at the time...

But let's stop right there with the excuses...if you can't wear gold shoes to collect your Oscar, when can you?

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