rihanna-grammy.jpgRihanna showed she was in the party spirit at this pre-Grammy Awards party where she wore a pair of her favourite Louboutin heels - personally decorated by the artiste herself. Of course, this isn't the first time that Rihanna has added a touch of her own 'style' to footwear, after she swore all over her Ashish and Underground creeper shoes with a tip-ex marker.

Clearly, the price of the shoe is of no object to Rihanna, who also autographed the scarlet soles of these classic Loubies (actually, the signature is from M. Louboutin himself, not Rihanna - our mistake!). We rather like the triple heart design, which is filled in pale pink. It has been interesting to observe recently how Rihanna is embracing footwear at all levels of the market - from sensible Clarks shoes to those extreme fetish thigh-high leather boots by Rodarte - here is a lady who is not afraid to experiment with a range of wildly different looks.

[Image: GETTY]